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Digitizing Software for Brother Embroidery

Upgrade PE Design from 5-6 to Version 7

Upgrade PE Design from 5-6 to Version 7

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Upgrade your version 5/6 to Version 7

PE-Design Ver.7 has the following new features.

Stitch generation

  •  Added Line Sewing Type: Triple Stitch
  •  Added Region Sewing Type: Random Walking Stitch (stippling-style stitch)
  •  Variations of under sewing
    - Added new under sewing type to the Region Sewing Attributes
    - Under sewing can be set for zigzag stitching, manual punching, and text
  • Motif stitch can be set to manual punching
  • Piping Stitch can be set to regions
  • New zigzag stitch corners have been added to the Line Sewing Attributes
    - (2 styles of Sharp Corners)
  • Expanded motif sizing and spacing
    - The motif can be spaced vertically and horizontally ("Spacing", "H-Spacing" and "V-Spacing")
    - The motif can be sized up to 100 x 100 mm (3.94 x 3.94 inches)

Editing functions and user interface

  • Auto repeat using arrow keys
  • Can save Personal Sewing Attribute settings
    Layout & Editing
    + Newly created custom Fonts can be used in Layout & Editing (From Font Creator)
    + New Small Fonts (Minimum Font size 3.0 mm (0.12 inch))
    + Embroidery letters of 2-byte characters for True Type Font can be entered (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)
    + Monogramming function includes more decorative frames. All built in fonts, True Type Font, and custom created fonts from Font Creator can now be used with the Monogram function
    + Transforming text can be done by dragging. Kerning, Sizing, Rotating, vertical offset can be done by dragging the individual letters
    + Can generate a curved outline in the Auto Punch function
    + Improved editing functions for curved outlines
    + Shape tool has been added to the left tool bar with 24 built in shapes
    + Six additional stitch formats can be imported and exported: All formats include: .pec, .pes, .dst, .exp, .pcs, .hus,
    .vip, .shv, .jef, .sew, .csd, .xxx and .phc (.pec and .phc are import only.)
    + Additional fading levels in Image display
    + Enables the ability to drag & drop clip art, pes files, and stitch format files into Layout & Editing
    + Improved Photo Stitch function:
       - Easier process to create an embroidery pattern from a Photo
       - Improved processing speed and color selection
    Design Center
    + "Detect Outlines" function to select the outline of an image in "Cut out to Line Image" dialog
    + "Figure Handle Stage" has the ability to connect/split a line
    + Enables the color of a portion of the outline to be changed in the Sew Setting Stage
    + New button to easily export a design from Sew Setting Stage to Layout & Editing
    + Allows up to 20 Undo/Redo operations
    + Enables to display template image on Figure Handle Stage and enable to display original image on Sew Setting
    Stage in the Reference Window
    Design Database
    + Can drag and drop a design from the Design Database into Layout & Editing
    + Can write to an original card from Design Database
    + Property box when outputting CSV files and printing, enables to output the thread codes


  • New Font Creator program to create custom fonts
  • Automatically checks and updates the newest version
  • Additional sample files for images and embroidery patterns
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