Sewing Machine Foot Control/Pedal and power lead Replacement Set Genuine YDK Fits Most makes and Models

Product code: BLB585
Please take a minute to Study Fitting shown in 2nd picture.

Will Fit Many Other Machines That Use The Same Shape Hollow Plug (YDK-BPP-345)
Listed Below Are The Many Machines It Should Fit :-
For some machines the manufacture changed from the hollow lead and socket to a lead with a solid type socket, it is important that before purchasing you check the image and make sure your machine has the opposite fitting so this hollow type socket will fit into the connection on the sewing machine.

Singer 1007 Singer 1012 Singer 117 Featherweight Singer 118 Featherweight Singer 3515 Singer 1020 Singer 5502 Singer 5522 Singer 5528 Singer 1014 Singer 1030 Singer 5505 Singer 14U132 Singer 14U134 Singer 14u185 Singer 14U234 Singer 14U285 Singer 14U444 Singer 14U454 Singer 14U544 Singer 14U554 Singer 14U555 Singer 14SH654 Singer 14U286 Singer 14U34 Singer 14U344 Singer 14U354 Singer 14U44 Singer 14SH754 Singer 14U23 Singer 14U53 Singer 14U13 Singer 14SH644 Singer 14U12 Singer 14U32 Singer 14U52 Singer 14U557 Singer 14U65 Singer 14U734 Singer 14U74 Singer 14T948DS Singer 14U85 Singer 14U22 Singer 14U174 Singer 14U14 Riccar 525 Riccar 808 Riccar 826 Riccar 8500 Riccar 9100 Riccar 9160 Riccar RL330 Riccar RL333 Riccar RL343 Toyota RS2000 - Not all RS2000s
Toyota CB02T Toyota CB03 Toyota CB04T Toyota CU16 Toyota CU17 Toyota CU27 Toyota CU37 Toyota EC16 Toyota EC21 Toyota EZ800 Toyota EZ801 Toyota EZ9000 Toyota EZ901 Toyota JB04 Jeans Toyota KPN2000 Toyota QUILT 50 Toyota QUILT 60 Toyota RA72 Toyota RA75 Toyota SA45 Toyota SA53 Toyota SA63 Toyota SA95 Toyota SE03 Toyota SE04 Toyota SE05 Toyota SE06 Toyota SE13 Toyota SE15 Toyota SE91 Toyota SE92 Toyota STF16 Toyota STF17 Toyota STF27 Toyota STF37 Toyota STF39 Toyota STF91 Toyota SL3314 Toyota SL3335 Toyota SL3487 Baby Lock BL3-428 Baby Lock BL3-437 Baby Lock BL3-438 Baby Lock BL4-434 Baby Lock BL4-543 Baby Lock BL5-180 Baby Lock BL5-260 Baby Lock BL5-280 Baby Lock BL4-738 Baby Lock BL3-406 Baby Lock BL3-438DF Baby Lock BL4-543DF Baby Lock BL2-205 Baby Lock BL4-605 Baby Lock BL101




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Brand YDK
Code BLB585
Condition New