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Sewing Accessories

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A983.2 Pre-Wound Bobbins Black x 10

Sided With Core - 100% spun polyester bobbin with cardboard sides and a nylon core.

Bobbin Box for Sewing Machine Bobbins  Anti Crack

DeLuxe Bobbin Box. Anti Crack, does not crack like most other boxes.This will fit all standard sewing machine bobbins. Storage Box for Sewing Machine Bobbins

Bobbins Fits Brother sewing machines x 10 (11.5mm )  BLB494

Plastic Bobbins Fits Brother Sewing Machines (11.5mm) Also fits New Home / Janome, Toyota etc Sewing Machines Universal  Bobbins 11.5mm to fit Brother sewing machines

Bobbins for Brother PR Embroidery Machines

Metal Bobbins These will Fit ALL Brother PR Embroidery Machines PR600/620/650/655/1000/1050x

Bobbins For Singer 66k Sewing Machine  Drop in Bobbins  x 10 BLB190

Plastic Bobbins for Singer/drop in (66K) Sewing Machines - Pack of 10

Bobbins Plastic 9MM Fits older brother machines x10 BLB329

These Sewing Machine bobbins will fit the older Brother drop-in bobbin machines. Super Galaxie Range,Star Range, Super Ace Range & PE Range (pack of 10) 

Bor Sheng 10" Super Quality Scissors for Dressmaking/ Tailoring BLB410

Special Scissors for Tailoring 10" Super Quality Scissors Stainless Steel

Bor Sheng 12" Super Quality Scissors for Tailoring BLB512

The blades are capable of dealing with delicate up to heavy fabrics not compromising on the finish. These scissors come with anti-impact grips which are designed to help using them more comfortable.

Bor Sheng 8" Super Quality Scissors for Dressmaking/ Tailoring BLB408

Special Scissors for Tailoring Precise-Sharp and Long-lasting edge stainless steel blades Ergonomically Designed Impact Grip for Comfort Holding with Adjustable Screw

Bor Sheng 9" Super Quality Scissors for Dressmaking/ Tailoring BLB409

Special Scissors for Tailoring 9" Super Quality Scissors Stainless Steel ​​​​​​​Special Scissors for Tailoring


The LED needle pointer allows you to obtain perfect positioning and placement of your embroidery patterns. The LED pointer shows you where the needle will drop, making adjustment and positioning easy via the LCD touch Screen

Brother Bobbin Case Inner rotary hook

Genuine Brother Bobbin Case / Inner Case Top Loading Bobbin machines Fits the following Models Innovis NV100, NV150se, NV200, NV350se, NV400, NV500, NV550se, NV600, Innovis NV1100, NV1300, NV1800Q, NV1200, NV1250, NX200, NX400, NX600,CS8080, CS8060, CS8120, F480 

Brother Bobbin Case Spacer for Pre Wound Bobbins on Embroidery Machines - B263

Bobbin Case Spacer Simply  pop  into  your  bobbin  case  and  use  pre  wound  bobbins. Works  with  al l the  latest  Brother Embroidery  Machines

Brother DF1 Dual Feed Foot Control

This will fit Brother Innovis V5, V7, VQ2, VM6200D, VQ3000, VM5100, VQ2400

Brother F004 / F080 Concealed Zipper Foot

F004 - Brother Foot ​​​​​​​Simple yet effective design with grooves underneath for easier insertion of invisible zips. Compatible with all Brother Sewing Machines that have a top loading bobbin.

Brother F022 Clear View Foot 5mm

For optimum visiblity while sewing. It is ideal for top stitching, decorative stitches, patchwork piecing, etc.

Brother F050  Walking Foot

Will fit Brother Sewing Machines XL3000 Range, XL4000 Range, XL5000 Range, PS Range, PX Range, XR Range. F050/F080

Brother F071 Sewing Machine Foot Adjustable Bias Binder Foot  XF7243-001

This foot has a clear plastic bias tape guide. By adjusting this guide, users can sew various width bias tape from 5mm to 20mm (quarter inch to three-quarter inch).