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Heat N Bond Lite Iron on Adhesive Quilting Fabrics BLB376

Heat N Bond Lite Iron on Adhesive Quilting Fabrics BLB376

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Product Code: BLB376
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Therm O Web
Heat N Bond Lite

This heat activated adhesive has the strongest bonding power of any lightwieght adhesive you can buy without adding extra weight or stiffness.

  • Fusible Adhesive is 43cms x 1.15m
    Specifically formulated for use with light to medium weight fabrics
  • Ideal for appliquesquilts and other sewable lightweight craft projects.
  • Eliminates pinning.
  • Once applied, it can be easily sewn through.
  • May be safely machine washed after edges have been sewn or sealed.
  • Needles won't gum up.
  • Projects can be safely machine washed after edges are sewn or sealed.
  • Low Heat Activation
    No Steam Required
    Machine Washable
  • Tips for Sewable - Lite

    HeatnBond Lite

    • DON'T OVERHEAT - overheating will cause an insufficient bond. If this occurs reapply HeatnBond UltraHold following general directions.
    • HeatnBond Iron-On Adhesives are machine washable. For best results, use a delicate cycle and lukewarm or cold water depending on your fabric.
    • HeatnBond Iron-On Adhesives are not recommended for projects or items that require drycleaning. This will depend on the chemicals used at your particular dry cleaner.
    • HeatnBond Iron-On Adhesives are available in two types: Ultrahold for No-Sew Projects and Lite for sewing projects. Both types are available in various sizes including: Single Yard Packs, Value Packs with mulitple yards, Bolts & in convenient rolled tapes in 1/4", 3/8", 5/8" and 7/8" widths.

    HeatnBond Lite FAQs:

    Q. How do I removed HeatnBond from fabric?

    • A. HeatnBond is a permanent adhesive. In order to remove HeatnBond from fabric, it can either be taken to a drycleaner that uses the chemical carbon tetrachloride (perc) which dissolves the adhesive in the fabric (please note that many states no longer use Perc in the dry cleaning process. It is best to call ahead and ask your dry cleaner.); or a product called Un-Du may be used in an attempt to remove the adhesive. Un-Du is a liquid adhesive remover which can usually be found in the scrapbooking section of major retailers such as Target or Michaels or at your local Scrapbook Store.
    • Simply squirt it on the area where the adhesive needs to be removed, and use the scraper to help eliminate it from the garment or fabric. The Un-Du will assist in dissolving the adhesive in the fabric. Finally, launder as normal.
    • Therm O Web can not guarantee any of the removal processes listed above. Results will vary depending on fabric, amount of adhesive to be removed and products and/or chemicals from other companies of which we have no control. Please test on an inconspicuous area before attempting removal.

    Q. I used HeatnBond Iron-On Adhesives and it isn't sticking to my project...why?

    • A. All fabrics to be used MUST be laundered (without any fabric softerner in the washer OR the dryer) prior to ironing on the adhesive. 
    • The laundering process will remove any "sizing" or chemical coatings that exist on the fabrics when purchased. Sizings can inhibit the bond from correctly occuring. In the same way, Fabric Softener of any kind in the washing or drying process can have the same effect of inhibiting the bonding process.
    • Otherwise, the heating time may need to be adjusted depending on the thickness of the materials to be bonded. A thicker piece of material or several layers may need a slightly longer heating time...by a few extra seconds. Do NOT overheat! Overheating can cause the adhesive to melt into the fabrics and not allow the pieces to stick together.

    Q. Can HeatnBond be sewn through?

    • A. HeatnBond UltraHold (in the red packaging) is formulation makes it the strongest “no-sew” bond available and should NOT be sewn through. The adhesive is too thick and may break your needle or thread.
    • HeatnBond Lite (in the purple packaging), on the other hand, can be easily sewn through making it ideal for appliqués, quilts and other sewable lightweight craft projects. It should not be machine washed until after the edges have been sewn or sealed with fabric paint.

    Q. Are HeatnBond Adhesives Acid-Free?

    • A. Yes, HeatnBond Adhesives are acid-free and archival safe. This will not keep your fabric from deteriorating though...fabric is a natural product that will break down eventually...

    The strongest NO-SEW adhesive...

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