Embellisher Machines & Spare Needles

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  • Creative SP1000  Embellisher  5 Needle

    Creative SP1000 Embellisher 5 Needle

    £129.00 £350.00
    Creative SP1000 Embellisher/Felting  Machine 5 Needle This was the first Domestic Embellisher/Felting Machine  model to arrive in the UK. No thread needed.  That's right, the Embellisher requires no threading,  it simply "meshes" fabrics together using 5 special barbed needles.  Designed with the unique art of machine needle felting, the Embellisher pushes fibers together creating beautiful surface embellishments.  Simply move the fabric freely under the needles to create any look or design.
  • Janome FM725 Embellisher

    Janome FM725 Embellisher

    The Janome FM725 will bring out the artist in you, select from your palette of fabrics and threads and blend together to create unique textures and surfaces.